Monday, April 03, 2006

An apple a day...

Well today was the day of the full body physical for the start of my diet. Finally. Oy, who would of thought that waiting one week was so damn fustrating. Why for starters can't my vacations or weekends last that long. It always seems that anytime you have time off, the day just whizzes past. But as soon as you have something that is boring or important, time decides to make it feel a lot longer than it truly is. Time flies when your having fun. What about the non-fun weekends? They still seem to fly by? Its a conspiracy I tell ya!

But enough of conspiracy theory, the doctors visit went rather well. We chatted first on why I was there. I explained that it is time to loose some of the weight that I have accumulated through the past three years. That is somewhere in the range of 50-60 pounds. *Whew!* When you say it in your head, it sure don't seem much. That is until you actually put it in print. Usually 50-60 is a good thing, like "BUY NOW! 50-60% off!" Dang.

Well, after we get through the major discussion and doc/patient questioning, I jumped on the scale to see the damage. After a few seconds, the grand total was 315 pounds! Ugh! That is horrible! Just looking at that number is numbing. Bleh! My bathroom scale lied to me. It told me I was 305! Dirty little bastard.

He listened to my heart and that sounded good. A wee tiny labored breathing, but that is expected with extra weight. I say excessive weight myself. Then the blood pressure. 120 over 90. Not bad, but also not good. I'm border line on hypertension, if not dipping my big toe in the playground of hypertension. But he said that all this should drop once I drop my weight. So there isn't a concern about having to put me on any hypertension medication to lower my pressure.

He took two vials of blood and I won't get my bloodwork until April 6th. Oh yay, more waiting. But that's gonna see if I have diabetes and high cholesterol, plus anything else that of concern.

After all that I was told to eat like I normally do for a week, starting tomorrow, and keep an eating log so that when I call a dietician I can show them what my normal eating schedule is like. Okay for starters I don't have a regular eating schedule. I eat practically once a day, but its a big meal. And after that I nightly snack on random things. Things both good and bad for me.

But here is the basic plan that a guy of my size and weight should be on a day:

  • Consume no more than 30-60 grams of fat.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables to supplement snacking.
  • A caloric intake of 1500-1800.
  • 2 quarts of water only. No sports drinks, diet soda, or diet drinks (i.e., Crystal Light) as those drinks sugar substitute actually can increase a persons need for more food. Not everyone suffers from this, just some people. And to avoid any question if it would for, just avoid it for now.
  • Exercise 3 or 4 days for 30-40 minutes each. Nothing strenuous, but at a comfortable pace. And if I feel that I can increase it, I can.

So if I can stick with that, I should not have a problem loosing the weight. And once the dietician is contacted, I will be on an even more detailed plan which will help even more. Two of my friends have my back on this and are going to diet themselves. This is cool as its always helpful to have support from those who are on the same page as oneself.

The time has come...
Well I should call it here and get ready for bed. Okay, I lied. I'll probably head upstairs and do a little TV viewing before hitting the sheets. The wife and I are at ends with each other tonight for some bloody reason. I know we shouldn't go to bed angry, but sometimes that woman can just push some buttons. So I'll probably end up catching Z's on couch because I'm too damn stubborn. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Night and take care of yourself!



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