Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Must get some Zzzzzz's...

Today was absolutely exhausting. The machines actually ran well today, with a small interruption of pick-up and placement issues occasionally popping up. But all the running around and getting parts and loading the feeders and doing visual inspection for every 25 boards can really wear you down. Especially when you weren't ready for it. But with it all done, it was miller time. Well not literally as I just wanted to get home, have some dinner and wind down. Well the winding down has turned to near sleeping exhaustion. I'm gonna hit the showers then hit the hay. After tomorrow and the Thanksgiving weekend, I'm officially on second shift. Booyah!

Thanks for stopping by for another short but sweet post. Peace, take care, and bright blessings to everyone out there. Sorry for the boredom. Night.


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Monday, November 20, 2006

But maybe someday when they've learned...

What a way to start the week. The line at work was down for a good chunk of the day, and of course it was my day to have hands on experience with the machines. Go fig that the machines decide that it would be a great day to have pick-up issues. So I spent a fair deal of the time watching the tech's work on the programming. Though its going to be a short week due to Thanksgiving, and not to mention my last week being on first shift. Come Monday, I take my rightful position on second shift. Ahhhh, I can't wait till that day. Sure it makes for a crappy day, but at least I get out at a decent time to get home and still relax before hitting the hay. Not to mention, no bumper to bumper traffic! Woohoo!

Today my daughter, age 7, brought in her native American Indian vest she had to make from a brown grocery store bag as a school project. My wife thought she would check online on some good techniques to make one, and came across one where you lightly dampen the bag with water and then when it was damp, you wad it up into a ball. You then gently un-wad the ball and when the bag dries, it has the appearance of suede or faux leather. At first I was a little hesitant about it, but when I saw the finished product, I was actually surprised. After it was finished, they checked online for the typical designs and made it from the descriptions as well as the pictures provided as a guide.

When she put on the faux leather paper garb on at school, she was questioned by the teacher as well as the students why she didn't have much design on her outfit like all the other kids in the class whose were brazenly fashioned. She smartly looked at the teacher and responded, "I went to a Indian website and made it exactly how the native Indians had their clothing made, and the crumpling was to make it look like leather." Well needless to say, the teacher responded with a condescending 'Oh.' Whatever happen to teachers commending a child for creative individuality versus blindly following a stereotype.

I feel sorry for her teacher the day she tries to explain the all-too-familiar Thanksgiving story to my daughter. She's certainly going to get an earful. My daughter can't wait to watch the program on the History Channel about the pilgrims when they first came to America. She loves hearing the truth behind history, rather than the sugar-coated garbage schools have been teaching throughout the years. History has always been written through the eyes of the victors, and viewed as canon.

I couldn't help but feel the following video was appropriate brought on by todays event. Enjoy.

(For better playback, push play then immediately pause to let the video load completely.)

Thanks for stopping by! Peace, take care, and bright blessings to everyone out there!



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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Any way the wind blows...

Another Sunday come and gone. Was pretty quiet with not much going on. Did a little re-arranging to get the box with the tree in it in a better place than in front of the front door. Going to have to do some serious re-arranging during this week by the time Thanksgiving comes thanks to my wife's family tradition of putting up the christmas tree on the same weekend (if not on the day of Thanksgiving) of Thanksgiving. Don't ask me why, but evidently their family has been doing this for some time, so why not obligate. Though I would like to know what happened to all my family's traditions when it comes to holidays? We don't do any of them, yet we do all hers. I have tried to incorporate mine, but we always end up getting into some argument about it. And to be honest, the holidays are stressful enough as it is, why add more fuel to the fire. Ahhhh, the holidays can bite me.

Last nights movie night was a bomb. Oy, I knew the movies that we rented were going to be bad, but boy I didn't expect them to be so bloody bad. We watched Marquis De Sade: Intimate Tales of the Dark Prince and The Queen of the Damned. Needless to say, I wasted a good chunk of my evening with those two stinkers. Gads, if you ever need to avoid any two movies (and I know there are thousands more out there, but) avoid these two like the plague! I used all my resolve to prevent myself from turning off the DVD with them. I paid for the service, and by gum I was going to sit through it all and watch these abominations of the celluloid. You have been warned. If you still dare to watch them, you have no one else to blame but yourselves.

Jumping back on the blog title lyric line bandwagon, I bring to you a timeless song. A song you can't help but stop what you're doing, crank up the volume and sing along! Enjoy!

(For better playback, push play then immediately pause to let the video load completely.)

13 random events which occurred ON THIS DAY - November 19th

1850 - The first life insurance policy for a woman was issued. Carolyn Ingraham, 36 years old, bought the policy in Madison, NJ.

1928 - "Time" magazine presented its cover portrait for the first time. Japanese Emperor Hirohito was the magazine's first cover subject.

1942 - During World War II, Russian forces launched their winter offensive against the Germans along the Don front.

1954 - Two automatic toll collectors were placed in service on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.

1959 - Ford Motor Co. announced it was ending the production of the unpopular Edsel.

1969 - Apollo 12 astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean made man's second landing on the moon.

1985 - U.S. President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev met for the first time as they began their summit in Geneva.

1990 - NATO and the Warsaw Pact signed a treaty of nonaggression.

1994 - The U.N. Security Council authorized NATO to bomb rebel Serb forces striking from neighboring Croatia.

1997 - In Carlisle, IA, septuplets were born to Bobbi McCaughey. It was only the second known case where all seven were born alive.

1998 - The impeachment inquiry of U.S. President Clinton began.

1998 - Vincent van Gogh's "Portrait of the Artist Without Beard" sold at auction for more than $71 million.

2002 - The oil tanker Prestige broke into two pieces and sank off northwest Spain. The tanker lost about 2 million gallons of fuel oil when it ruptured November 13th and was towed about 150 miles out to sea.

Thanks for stopping by! Peace, take care, and bright blessings to everyone! Goodnight.



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