Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another day and another something something...

Welcome to another day of 'Post from some fat guy!' Believe it or not, today was pretty bland. And boy do I mean bland. I did some spring cleaning today. Managed to get some parts of the house clean, but there is still so much more to do. I seriously need to get motivated. And why do I get motivated when I am either in the car a good distance from my house, or really really late at night? I'd do it late at night, but I would be making far too much noise and I really don't want to wake anyone up. Well I certainly hope I get the cleaning bug tomorrow, cause I really don't want to be doing it on Wed and Thursday when the temp outside is going to hit the 70's! Woo hoo!

Alright, food log for day five. Another bland day makes for another day of bland eating. I just haven't really been in the mood to pleasure eat lately. Maybe I'm on some level of depression. There's enough to be depressed about, so that could be the culprit. Either way, onto to the...

And there you have it, another piss poor daily food intake. My body is just waiting for a heart attack. Not that I'm looking forward to it. I really don't like pain that I can't control or was looking for in the first place. Just two more days! Yay!

I thought I would include a random photo. Today's random pic is my little husky Kieshanna catching some Z's.

Welp, it looks like the end of another short but sweet post. Okay maybe not sweet, but it was short. Well at least shorter than the first and second post if I recall correctly. Either way, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again. Peace and bright blessings to everyone!



Friday, April 07, 2006

What the hail?

Okay, today was definately an interesting day. It started out a nice balmy 56°F and partly sunny when I took the kids to school. Hardly any wind. By noon it started to cloudy up even further where you got the occassional full sun, then back to overcast and did it ever get windy. Just before 3:30pm the sky darkened and it began to rain. Then it stopped, then it hailed. And boy howdy did it hail. And no sooner did it start, it stopped. Which was cool since I had to leave to pick up the kids from school. So I got my youngest in his winter coat and hat, locked him into his stroller and headed on out.

No sooner do I step outside that it begins to hail. No biggie. The hail was a wee bit smaller than pea-sized, and I had been in much worse than this, so I continued. Hail was bouncing off of me and the stroller canopy over my boy who was really enjoying the little bits of ice bouncing around the cup holder and tray in front of him. I smile as I listen to him squeal in delight as he attempts to pick up the slippery pieces of ice in his little fingers. I get no further than the corner of the street before the school when the wind picks up and starts to whip the wee bits of ice. I hear the sound of 'Huh?' from my son. I do a quick check on him and he's doing fine. Until the wind picks up even more. Now the ice is starting to sting me, and the delightful little coo's from my boy are now cries of discomfort.

I look and see him covering his face with his hands from the ice. So I turn the stroller around to where I am pulling it and he is no longer taking the brunt of the wind. But let me tell you, that wind did not let up and she was determined to remind me that she was still in control. No need to remind me, I know it. The bell rings, the kids come out and we head on home. At least we were traveling in the direction of the wind, rather than against it.

Alrighty, today was day four of the food log. It was a rather dismal day around the noon time hour, so my hunger today was rather sporadic. So without further ado, here is...

  • Late night snacking (2:30am): 6 slices of the leftover thin crust extra cheese pizza.
  • Breakfast (9am): 2 bowls of Berry Rice Crispies cereal with one banana.
  • Lunch: Nothing
  • Afternoon snack (4pm): 8 ounce brick of Mild Cheddar. I'm a cheese fanatic. When I get started I eat it all. *blushes*
  • Dinner (8:15pm): Three large scoops Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff with brocolli and extra sour cream added.
  • Total drinks: 5 cans of Pepsi.

Wow! Well that looks real bad. Definately gonna change my diet. It's amazing when you really don't care what you eat, how crappy you really do eat. Well after this weeks log, that's all going to change. At least I really, really, REALLY hope it changes.

Thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings of a chubby guy on the border of complete confusion. Until tomorrows yadda-yadda posting, peace and bright blessings to everyone! And now for...



Thursday, April 06, 2006

The sun only shines on TV. Ain't that the truth!

Boy does today suck! Not just because of my diet log for today, but my wife received a call today saying that the injury to her neck and back is due to a herniated disk in her neck. Medication and therapy may help, but if it doesn't its going to be surgery.

I don't mind surgery since it happens everyday somewhere in the US. My wife had a c-section done twice and she's pulled through both with flying colors. Except the first C-section left her with scar tissue that is numb and tingles when you touch it. This saddens me as I always loved to caress her belly when watching TV and it soothed her. But now she squirms at the touch. What bothers me is that they will be dealing with her spinal column and that absolutely terrifies me. I know people say you should always think positive, but ask my wife and she'll be the first to say, "He's not optimistic, nor pessimistic. He's a realist." And that simply means, I base my feelings on all the possible facts and weigh it with previous outcomes of the past. I know its a horrible way to think, but unfortunately that is the only way I know how to think from all the things I've dealt with in the past. But I am seriously hoping that all she needs is a treatment of medication and physical therapy to heal.

Okay, enough of the bummer talk. I'll wait till I know for sure. On a different note, with a different doctor, I was suppose to have my test results in today and yet I received no phone call. I'll just chalk it up to 1.) They were busy today. 2.) The results hadn't come in yet and they are still waiting on them. or 3.) I was suppose to call them, not them call me. So if I don't hear from them by 3pm tomorrow, I'll give them a little buzz to see what's up.

Well here is day three of my food log. And what a wonderful log it is. NOT! Okay, I have an addendum to my log today. That is my super late night snacking. Since it occurred early this morning I have no choice but to add here. So here is today's food log!

  • Late night snack (3am): Two Philadelphia Classic Cheesecake Snack Bars and 16 ounce cup of skim milk
  • Breakfast: Nothing
  • Lunch: The second large tub of cole slaw from KFC dinner we bought on Sunday and a banana.
  • Dinner: 12 pieces of thin crust extra cheese pizza from a local pizzeria (none of that Pizza Hut crap!)
  • Total drinks: 4 cans of Pepsi (probably more after I finish this).

Well that is about it for today. Thanks for stopping by (if there is anyone out there). Peace and bright blessings! Until tomorrow, I leave you with...



Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hmmm... decisions, decisions. Ahhh payday!

Going on day two of the fat guys food log. Today seemed to be a little different that normal. Well not that different. It just seems like that my snacking has taken a different turn. Dare I say a turn for the better? I wonder if its my subconscious at play here? Making me change my diet to appear more pleasing to the dieticians mind. If so, then I'm just fooling myself. But to be honest though, I really didn't have a taste for anything more than I usually do. Which has me worried. Not in the sense that there is something medically incorrect. But more of the, out of sight out of mind and lulling me into a state of false belief and then returning in full force of what I used to do. Very cunning the subconscious. Very cunning indeed.

But I digress. For this wonderful day, and a wonderful day it was. Sunny and bright blue sky with the occassion hint of a puffy white cloud sailing blissfully by. Then the late afternoon arrived and changed all that. But back to the log at hand.


  • Breakfast: Nothing
  • Lunch (1pm): A fast food gorge. A triple w/cheese biggie size meal from Wendy's. Didn't finish the burger and the fries sucked. Drink was kinda blah too.
  • Mid-day snack (4pm): 6 ounces of blackberries (two were fuzzy - tossed those suckers)
  • Dinner: Oopah! Home Gyro's kit. Ate four gyro's, no cucumber sauce. Just the bread and meat.
  • Drinks total: 4 cans of Pepsi and one Biggie-sized Coke.

Well that is all. Nasty ain't it. It's no bloody wonder I'z be an uber-chub. *snicker* Just gotta last another 5 more days on my normal routine then the diet can begin. *shudders nervously*

Thanks for stopping by... Assuming anyone actually does. Well either way. Peace and bright blessings to everyone. Nighters!



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Whatcha having?

The day has come and gone and now the time has come for another daily post. Well I was quite surprised on what I ate. Oh sure you know what you eat, but when you actually get down to it, you really don't know until you actually take the time to write it all down.

And to be honest, I wasn't one bit pleased. Looking at it all does not paint a very good picture in the slightest. But this is what I normally do. Well at least now I do within the last year or so. Prior to that it was always fast food and anything else that I can have delivered. So yeah, I did know what I was doing, but I didn't care then. But I do now. Not because I had a near-death scare to myself or anyone else I know. This was just a self-realization one night while in thought. So without further ado, my menu for this day of Tues, April 4th 2006.
  • Breakfast (9am): One banana (Oooo big eater eh?)
  • Lunch (1pm): One large tub of cole slaw from KFC (This was left-overs and I wasn't about to waste it) and two banana's.
  • Before Dinner snack (4pm): 8 large strawberries.
  • Dinner (9pm): Three pieces of meat from On-cor Salsibury Streak Family pack, three large scoops of mashed potatoes (instant), and 6 ounces of brocolli.
  • Drinks throughout the day: 5 cans of Pepsi.

So there you have it. My entire menu for this day. Disgusting ain't it?

Until tomorrow!



Monday, April 03, 2006

An apple a day...

Well today was the day of the full body physical for the start of my diet. Finally. Oy, who would of thought that waiting one week was so damn fustrating. Why for starters can't my vacations or weekends last that long. It always seems that anytime you have time off, the day just whizzes past. But as soon as you have something that is boring or important, time decides to make it feel a lot longer than it truly is. Time flies when your having fun. What about the non-fun weekends? They still seem to fly by? Its a conspiracy I tell ya!

But enough of conspiracy theory, the doctors visit went rather well. We chatted first on why I was there. I explained that it is time to loose some of the weight that I have accumulated through the past three years. That is somewhere in the range of 50-60 pounds. *Whew!* When you say it in your head, it sure don't seem much. That is until you actually put it in print. Usually 50-60 is a good thing, like "BUY NOW! 50-60% off!" Dang.

Well, after we get through the major discussion and doc/patient questioning, I jumped on the scale to see the damage. After a few seconds, the grand total was 315 pounds! Ugh! That is horrible! Just looking at that number is numbing. Bleh! My bathroom scale lied to me. It told me I was 305! Dirty little bastard.

He listened to my heart and that sounded good. A wee tiny labored breathing, but that is expected with extra weight. I say excessive weight myself. Then the blood pressure. 120 over 90. Not bad, but also not good. I'm border line on hypertension, if not dipping my big toe in the playground of hypertension. But he said that all this should drop once I drop my weight. So there isn't a concern about having to put me on any hypertension medication to lower my pressure.

He took two vials of blood and I won't get my bloodwork until April 6th. Oh yay, more waiting. But that's gonna see if I have diabetes and high cholesterol, plus anything else that of concern.

After all that I was told to eat like I normally do for a week, starting tomorrow, and keep an eating log so that when I call a dietician I can show them what my normal eating schedule is like. Okay for starters I don't have a regular eating schedule. I eat practically once a day, but its a big meal. And after that I nightly snack on random things. Things both good and bad for me.

But here is the basic plan that a guy of my size and weight should be on a day:

  • Consume no more than 30-60 grams of fat.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables to supplement snacking.
  • A caloric intake of 1500-1800.
  • 2 quarts of water only. No sports drinks, diet soda, or diet drinks (i.e., Crystal Light) as those drinks sugar substitute actually can increase a persons need for more food. Not everyone suffers from this, just some people. And to avoid any question if it would for, just avoid it for now.
  • Exercise 3 or 4 days for 30-40 minutes each. Nothing strenuous, but at a comfortable pace. And if I feel that I can increase it, I can.

So if I can stick with that, I should not have a problem loosing the weight. And once the dietician is contacted, I will be on an even more detailed plan which will help even more. Two of my friends have my back on this and are going to diet themselves. This is cool as its always helpful to have support from those who are on the same page as oneself.

The time has come...
Well I should call it here and get ready for bed. Okay, I lied. I'll probably head upstairs and do a little TV viewing before hitting the sheets. The wife and I are at ends with each other tonight for some bloody reason. I know we shouldn't go to bed angry, but sometimes that woman can just push some buttons. So I'll probably end up catching Z's on couch because I'm too damn stubborn. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Night and take care of yourself!