Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring has sprung... kinda sorta


Well spring has finally made her appearance, though you wouldn't really know it since there is roughly about an inch of freshly fallen snow every where around here. Such is life in Illinois. What you expect during the winter you don't really get. Instead you get spring like weather for about a week, then suddenly thrown into a spiralling downward freeze the next week. Then it snows a couple inches, then rains for the next few days, melting the snow that was delivered. Only to be frozen the next day in a colorless varying shades of gray. Ahhhh, winter's gray. You'd think white, but again, this is Illinois.

Das ├╝ber chub
But like I said, spring has finally made her appearance and soon the weather will warm up and the winter gear is packed away. Leaving a pasty lumpy white male to fend for himself. Eeeeee! Aye, I'll be a huge and chubby guy whose skin will be reflecting the high intensity suns rays into unsuspecting innocent drivers and pedestrians eyes. The poor fools, they will never see it coming. BEWARE fair city, blinding doom awaits!

But in all fairness, I am going to see my doctor on April 3rd so I can get a full body physical (poor doc) and a strict diet to follow. I've done a diet before. Note I said diet not diets. Singular. It was the Atkins diet, and boy howdy did it work. In the first month I lost an easy 20 pounds! That's 5 pounds a week! I loved it! I had energy, vitality, and oomph to boot. Then I lost another 10 more pound in the following 2.5 weeks, and then it hit. DIETERS PLATEAU! Oh how I hate those two words. Once I leveled out at a total of 30 pounds lost, I could not lose any more weight regardless on how I tried. It became fustrating day after day of not seeing that scale drop in numbers like it did in the beginning. But of course I am sure its going to happen again with the diet the doctor is going to give me. But I'm gonna stick it out, even if it kills me. Which I'm pretty sure it will.

But going back to what I was talking about ealier with the physical, I told my friend about my new outlook plan of losing weight and seeing the doc, at which he replied "Ya know he's gonna do a backdoor check." I sat silently on the phone for a few seconds and said, "Well he'd better buy me dinner and a movie." To be honest I'm not really looking forward to that IF that is part of the whole physical thing. I think I might need to bring something to read or at least eat a whole lot of chiclets.

Why the desire to lose weight you might ask... Okay, you really wouldn't ask, but I'm gonna tell ya anyway. I rented the movie Super Size Me - A film of epic portions. Talk about an eye opener. After viewing this wonderful docu about a guy who wanted to see what happens if you ate nothing but McDonalds for one month straight, I was floored! Okay, for starters I don't eat fastfood as much as I once did long ago. I eat it maybe once every 1.5 - 2 weeks. But seeing what it can do, has really dramatically want to decrease that to NEVER. Yes the movie was that impacting. Sure there will be those who could care less or be unimpressed, and feel that it isn't realistic. I mean sure, not everyone eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner from McD's everyday. But just seeing what it can do, is enough for me to change my mind on the matter.

Another thing that compelled me to a lifestyle change was during a tiny moment at the computer. I was sitting here thinking of way to respond to a post on a forum that I frequent regularly, when it happened. I heard myself do the fatman breathing sound. OY! I was caught by surprise! I immediately sat up in my chair, shook my head, and took a few deep breaths and jutted my jaw up and outward a little clearing the breathway of my throat. I breathed like a fatman! That pretty much was the straw that broke the camels back. Time. To. Diet.

So come April 3rd I will post my starting dealies from my results from the doc's office and keep a running tab on what I ate and did, and resulting effect of the diet I will be partaking on. I wish myself luck... Cause I gonna need it.

All's well that ends well...
I guess I'm gonna call it here just so I don't ramble on... Not that I hadn't already. Thanks for listening (if anyone did...) Peace and bright blessings to everyone!



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