Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hmmm... decisions, decisions. Ahhh payday!

Going on day two of the fat guys food log. Today seemed to be a little different that normal. Well not that different. It just seems like that my snacking has taken a different turn. Dare I say a turn for the better? I wonder if its my subconscious at play here? Making me change my diet to appear more pleasing to the dieticians mind. If so, then I'm just fooling myself. But to be honest though, I really didn't have a taste for anything more than I usually do. Which has me worried. Not in the sense that there is something medically incorrect. But more of the, out of sight out of mind and lulling me into a state of false belief and then returning in full force of what I used to do. Very cunning the subconscious. Very cunning indeed.

But I digress. For this wonderful day, and a wonderful day it was. Sunny and bright blue sky with the occassion hint of a puffy white cloud sailing blissfully by. Then the late afternoon arrived and changed all that. But back to the log at hand.


  • Breakfast: Nothing
  • Lunch (1pm): A fast food gorge. A triple w/cheese biggie size meal from Wendy's. Didn't finish the burger and the fries sucked. Drink was kinda blah too.
  • Mid-day snack (4pm): 6 ounces of blackberries (two were fuzzy - tossed those suckers)
  • Dinner: Oopah! Home Gyro's kit. Ate four gyro's, no cucumber sauce. Just the bread and meat.
  • Drinks total: 4 cans of Pepsi and one Biggie-sized Coke.

Well that is all. Nasty ain't it. It's no bloody wonder I'z be an uber-chub. *snicker* Just gotta last another 5 more days on my normal routine then the diet can begin. *shudders nervously*

Thanks for stopping by... Assuming anyone actually does. Well either way. Peace and bright blessings to everyone. Nighters!



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