Thursday, April 06, 2006

The sun only shines on TV. Ain't that the truth!

Boy does today suck! Not just because of my diet log for today, but my wife received a call today saying that the injury to her neck and back is due to a herniated disk in her neck. Medication and therapy may help, but if it doesn't its going to be surgery.

I don't mind surgery since it happens everyday somewhere in the US. My wife had a c-section done twice and she's pulled through both with flying colors. Except the first C-section left her with scar tissue that is numb and tingles when you touch it. This saddens me as I always loved to caress her belly when watching TV and it soothed her. But now she squirms at the touch. What bothers me is that they will be dealing with her spinal column and that absolutely terrifies me. I know people say you should always think positive, but ask my wife and she'll be the first to say, "He's not optimistic, nor pessimistic. He's a realist." And that simply means, I base my feelings on all the possible facts and weigh it with previous outcomes of the past. I know its a horrible way to think, but unfortunately that is the only way I know how to think from all the things I've dealt with in the past. But I am seriously hoping that all she needs is a treatment of medication and physical therapy to heal.

Okay, enough of the bummer talk. I'll wait till I know for sure. On a different note, with a different doctor, I was suppose to have my test results in today and yet I received no phone call. I'll just chalk it up to 1.) They were busy today. 2.) The results hadn't come in yet and they are still waiting on them. or 3.) I was suppose to call them, not them call me. So if I don't hear from them by 3pm tomorrow, I'll give them a little buzz to see what's up.

Well here is day three of my food log. And what a wonderful log it is. NOT! Okay, I have an addendum to my log today. That is my super late night snacking. Since it occurred early this morning I have no choice but to add here. So here is today's food log!

  • Late night snack (3am): Two Philadelphia Classic Cheesecake Snack Bars and 16 ounce cup of skim milk
  • Breakfast: Nothing
  • Lunch: The second large tub of cole slaw from KFC dinner we bought on Sunday and a banana.
  • Dinner: 12 pieces of thin crust extra cheese pizza from a local pizzeria (none of that Pizza Hut crap!)
  • Total drinks: 4 cans of Pepsi (probably more after I finish this).

Well that is about it for today. Thanks for stopping by (if there is anyone out there). Peace and bright blessings! Until tomorrow, I leave you with...



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