Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pleases and Thank You's.

Story has it, back in March of 1986 Pet Shop Boys released their first album "Please" to the market. And when questioned why they named their album 'Please', Neil Tennant said "I wanted people when asking for a copy of our first album, Please, record-shop customers would sometimes have to say, "Can you help me find the new Pet Shop Boys album, Please?'" Ingenious idea of forcing politeness from the public, in a not-so-immediate noticeable way. Did it work? I'd like to think so, as short as it was.

So what's my angle? I'll tell ya.

It all started this morning at 6am where I drove to my local Citgo station to fill my behemoth of a vehicle with a 20 spotter of gas. Once I got my 7 gallons I proceeded to go pay. I walked in and the girl behind the counter, surprisingly wide awake, smiles and says 'Is that all?' I reply, yes and hand her my 20. She takes it and smiles and says 'Thank you' ever so pleasantly. I thanked her and went on my way.

Why is that so special? Well, I've noticed that people from the generation before me and after me fail to understand the usage of Please and Thank you's. I was brought up on using these two very simple but important words. These words can spell whether or not I (or anyone else for that matter) will visit a certain establishment again. I find that even the people at work don't say Thank You when you sign something for them. I always make sure to thank them. Oh sure after a while of numerous signings, the thank you's will start to become so frequent that it starts to loose its meaning and soon becomes a dull buzz in the background. But is that the reason to stop using it?

Why is it so hard for parents of older children find it difficult to say 'thank you' for doing something they weren't even asked to do for them. But instead was given a brush off. Seriously, is their pride so high that such a display of niceness is below them?

It almost seems that the previous generation feels that after teaching their children to make sure to say "Please and thank you" they've done their job and no longer need to do it themselves. What ever happened to 'practice what you preach' philosophy? Seems like the older generation has foregone the practice of being considerate and taking things for granted. Making them sour and vile.

Maybe it's just me, but I think they need a class on the 'Please and Thank You's' again.

Thank you for reading...


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