Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday sunday.. La-laaa-la-lala or something like that

Regardless of what the title says for this post, I do not like the song in the slightest. Years ago I worked in a grocery store called Jerry's Parkway Foods in Grayslake and I would here this horrible horrible song over and over again. Since it was the stores own music, rather than getting a feed from the radio, the tape was continuous. You could literally tell what time it was by what song was playing. That song, along with a couple other hundreds from the 50's and 60's with the occassional familiar hit of the 70's, was permanently burned. NAY! Scorched into my brain. I dispise that song with a passion, as well as the ex-owner of Parkway Foods. But that's another story entirely.

This be day six of my normal routine food log for the week. Why do I feel when I see the dietician s/he is going to A) Slap me silly until I can only drool. B) Faint dead away at what my eating habits are like. C) Contact Ripley's and tell them that I am still alive after seeing my diet, or D) Check themself in at the psych-ward because they think I'm a figment of their imagination. Either way, here is my...
  • Late night snack (2:15am): 2 bowls of Berry rice crispies with sliced banana added per bowl.
  • Breakfast (10am): One banana.
  • Lunch (2:15pm): One chicken chalupa supreme, two hard shell tacos, and 1 soft shell taco from Taco Bell.
  • Dinner (8:15pm): Two servings of On-Cor's Family Size Lasagna dinner (it tasted nasty - never buying that again.)
  • Total drinks: 3 can of Pepsi (cause we ran out of pop).

That's it! It's getting worse... Well if it's possible that is. What really sucks is that I am already starting to feel the sugar pangs of going on a diet and I haven't even started it. Just knowing that I am soon is making me miss sugared foods and fast food. Weird!

Random pic time! Today's random pick is my other husky Ember Breeze Brightmoon. She's looks kinda pissed cause I just came upstairs and woke her up. But seriously, she has that intense of a stare normally. Which when she is upset can really feel disconcerting, especially if light is reflecting off the retina and she's got the red eye look. *shudder*

Thanks for stopping by to those of you who did. I hope I hope. Peace and bright blessings to everyone! And so I now leave you with...



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