Monday, April 10, 2006

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY (except grandma and grandpa)

Got a hold of my bloodtest results and everything is surprisingly better than I thought it would of been. My cholesterol level is one point less than borderline, my good cholesterol is 6 points higher than average, and I don't have diabetes. The only thing that is wrong is an imbalance with my thyroid. So I have to take a pill for the next 2 months and go back in for another bloodwork in 6 weeks to see if the thyroid issue has improved. Doc said that the thyroid issue is a contributing factor for my weight gain as well as my poor eating. Since it is running on slow, my body isn't working off what its taking in. So this should give it a boost. Here's to hoping that it kickstarts it.

Tonight is my last entry for my food log. And boy am I going out with a blast too. Chock full of not so goodies. So here is day sevens...

  • Late night snack (2:30am): Two bowls of Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch cereal. Can't let the kids get fat now can I?
  • Breakfast (9am): One bowl of Apple Jacks.
  • Lunch (2pm): Six hard shell taco's from Taco Bell.
  • Dinner (8pm): Three Gaucho beef steak with shredded mozzarella cheese sandwiches.
  • Drinks total: 5 cans of Pepsi (we went shopping today).
That's the list. I guess decided to hit it hard today. One last hurrah before it stops for a while I suppose. Well at least until I see what the dietician says. Yeah like that won't be too hard to figure out, eh?

Thanks for stopping by. Until tomorrow... Peace and bright blessings to everyone!



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