Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You call that music?

AARGH! What the hell was it with tonights episode of American Idol? Everyone sucked except Paris Bennett and Chris Daughtry. Those two could sing, but everyone else seriously, seriously bastardized and beat down their choice Queen songs! UGH! I have never felt so bad for the surviving Queen members and I have to think that Mercury is screaming and turning wildly in his grave hearing what they have done to the songs. As in the words of Simon "A complete and utter disaster." I'm also still upset that Mandisa was booted off. That girl can really belt out the tunes. Sorry to see you go girl.

Okay, my insurance requires that I called my hospital where the nutrionist/dietician is located. I gave them a buzz, but they are 'unavailable at this time. Could you please leave your name, number, and a brief message after the tone. Thank you.' So I wait for the beep. I have the pattern memorized 'name, number and message' then the beep, and suddenly I'm fuddle-lips. I HATE answering machines! I get so tongue tied for some damn reason when its someone who I don't know. For starters I botched saying my name of all things. I didn't forget it, I just slurred through it like a lush after a 12 hour drinking binge. So I pretend to clear my throat and saying it again. At least this time it was clear and comprehendible. I left my number and a brief message "I wish to set up an appointment with a dietician/nutrionist for a diet plan." and I hung up. I hope its not one of those answering services where you need to press '9' to save the message and then press '9' again to hang up. Sheesh!

Bullshit! Is what my wife would tell you. She went in today to get an epidural to relieve the pressure in her herniated disc in her spine. Two be exact, since there were two herniated discs. I unfortunately was not able to be present with her in the room for support as we had our 20 month old with us. He's generally a calm and quiet child, but today he decided to be a character and do a complete 180°. So I took him outside to walk and play on the grassy area of the acute center. Had I known it would take nearly an hour and a half, I would of drove to the park down the ways.

But I digress. She came walking out and seemed to all appearances none to worse for wear. But that was thinly disguised as the facade disappeared when she sat down in the passenger seat. She proceeded to tell me about the excruciating pain she went through when they inserted the needle at the base of her neck, and how they slowly pierced the cartilage to drain it. After the proceedure was completed, they told her that this should help with the pain and she won't need to come back again. But there are individuals who need a second epidural to relieve the pain. And in some rare cases, a third time. The poor girl had to go through an epidural twice before this with her two pregnancies. I can't imagine her being to thrilled at this news. And they continued to say that if the third doesn't improve the symptoms, they would have to perform surgery and remove the disks and fuse the bones together. UGH! We are so seriously hoping that the epidural path takes and it will be over with.

Well, I have some things to take care of before hitting the hay. So I bid you all peace and bright blessings!



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