Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dead dog tired...

Ugh. This has been one helluva day let me tell you. Traffic coming home was horrible, bumper to bumper, then going straight to doing some grocery shopping was hectic to boot. People didn't seem to know whether they were coming or going in the aisles. And not to mention one poor father had to deal with his screaming son who was demanding at the top of his little youthful lungs that he preferred to walk. The look of embarrassment on his face spoke volumes. At least our three little ones where rather well behaved. Well the youngest thought it would be a laughing hoot to throw the frozen pizza's on the floor at every parent turn-away he could. And when you look at him, he would point to the ceiling with a sly look on his face. Dirty little booger.

But we just got home a short while ago, I'm beat and heading to bed. So this is an uber short post. Must... Make... My... Daily... NaBloPoMo post. *smiles through tired eyes*

Nighters everyone. Peace, take care, and bright blessings to everyone.


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