Friday, November 10, 2006

Migraine Day 2: Here comes the rain again

Alas today is not any better, even though there is a big thunderstorm outside right now. I am going on my second day of having a migraine, and it feels like someone is pulling a giant metal spike through my skull. And the head of the spike, which feels like its about 15 feet in diameter, is stuck and not budging no matter how much you pull on it. So once again, its going to be a small post, enough for me to come in and say 'its going to be a small post.'

And in spirit on what kind of day it is here around the Den, I bring you another 80's classic hit which only the title has to do with todays post title. The video also reflects how I feel visually. Its dank, cold, and miserable. Though the overtone of the song is pleasant and wanting, the imagery shows otherwise. Enjoy.

(For better playback, push play then immediately pause to let the video load completely.)

Peace, take care, and bright blessings to everyone out there!



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