Thursday, April 27, 2006

The light at the end... Hopefully...

It's been one helluva few days here at the Den. First off, my computer decides not to play nicely with me. Oh it worked, just not the way it is suppose to work. Anytime I'm deciding to surf the web and I decide that I want to, oh I don't know, use the browsers 'back' feature allowing you to go to a few pages back without having to repeatedly click 'back'. It decides that I viewed that page enough already and closes the browser window.

Anytime I am playing a game, she decides that it would be a hoot to create game stutter fustrating me out of my gourd! Then on a whim she decides that wouldn't it be great to just minimize the game screen for no purpose other than the freak me out. The list goes on, but those are just what I can think of off the top of my head at this hour. At first I thought "CRAP! I have a worm/trojan/virus on my machine!" I do a complete check using all my various guardians and sniffers, and they give me a complete computer bill of health. She's doing just fine. Just tempermental, is all.

"Ah-ha! Heat!" goes through my mind. The proc fan isn't fairing too well, but is doing a decent job as it whirrs itself into an untimely unspinning death. I wait on Monday for my fan to arrive. It doesn't. Tuesday comes! No fan. Wednesday greets me. Fan does not. Until... Nearly 5pm my doorbell rings and lo' and behold the man in brown is at me door! He hands me my package in terror, only because my german shepherd is trying with all his might to get past through my legs. Poor UPS guy.

So I got my fan, but the night is already set and so I will wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, DSL is down, figure I can go ahead and hook the fan up. But no, gotta do more cleaning as long as the baby is down for his nap, and that takes up my entire day. We then go get the kids from school, help the kids with homework, serve up dinner and then finally get the kids to bed. Watch a little TV, then rush on downstairs to get this all in while its fresh in my mind. So no installation of the new fan today. Hopefully tomorrow!

A mime is a terrible thing to face!
I was getting ready to give my littlest one some baby ibuprophen because he is cutting some teeth, I have the appropriate measurement and I'm just about to give him his doseage when he starts bawling. Tears are running down his cheeks and doing that silent non-breathing cry. I ask him whats wrong as I am completely at a loss at what's upset him. He looks to the TV and points. It is there that I see the culprit.

Turns out the little tyke is terrified of mimes and clowns in general. Nothing wrong with that as one is annoying and the other just evil respectively. Nothing good has ever come from clowns. NOTHING! There I said it. Oh and speaking of mimes, here's a little link for you to enjoy! (Warning: There's pop-ups - so if you got a good pop-up blocker you should be okay.)

Well it seems that is pretty much it for today. I'm hoping to get the new fan in tomorrow. And if I don't make a post tomorrow, you can pretty much guess something didn't go right. It should. But just in case... You'll know why. Thanks for stopping by, peace and bright blessings to each and everyone of you!



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