Sunday, April 16, 2006

Two posts for the price of one!

GASP! I didn't post yesterday. Numerous reasons, but mostly because I was playing WoW with the wife and we were doing pretty good. So I just thought I would combine yesterday's and today's post into one. So here we go!

Tax man cometh and he taketh away. Well not entirely true, we got money back, although I did have to pay back taxes from 2003. Perfect timing, eh? Evidently somewhere along the line, I didn't pay enough taxes and they just now found it. Oh well. I paid it and all is well once again in Oz.

The twins had their birthday on Saturday. They turned the wonderful age of 7, and they were delighted. But unfortunately Jaxom wasn't too thrilled at his gift. He was given the gift where you can't forget you got it. He woke up to a painful ear ache. Now I know the boy wasn't pulling any legs, because he wanted nothing to do with birthday cake. And this boy doesn't pass up birthday cake. So the wife took him to the acute center and sure enough he has an ear infection. The doc put him on some antibiotics and some over the counter allergy medicine. The allergy medicine is to remove the fluid in his ears. Evidently, allergy medicine drains the fluid faster than the body would normally, so it gives the antibiotics a chance to work faster. Who would've thunk it.

Today, he felt a wee bit better and was able to go to the wife's parents house for easter and birthday. Unfortunately when he came home he was running a fever of 101.2 degrees. So we got a dose of children's ibuprofen in him and it dropped within the half hour. He still didn't want much to do with cake after dinner. Not even a small piece. Can't rightfully blame him. When you got that much pain in your ear, you really don't want to eat anything.

Gads! I can't believe the kids are seven years old already. Dang! And the youngest is 20 months old already. Is it me or is time actually flying by faster than I perceived it to be doing so? One of my friends kids are already mid-teens. Mid-teens! This is just making me feel older by the minute. Ugh.

Spring cleaning is still in progress. I seriously need to stop doing it in small chunks. I gotta hit it hard and get it done quickly. Though the weather isn't making it easy in the slightest. I work so much better when its all sunny. But all its been around here is cloudy and windy, and today is no exception. It reached a blustery 48ยบ. What happened to spring? We skip it altogether and headed straight back into fall or something. That's one thing I can say about Illinois weather, you can never truly predict whats its going to do. But at least I got the majority of the big stuff done. Now its just a matter of all the small stuff that dots the house. Yay.

Well that pretty much seems to be the jist of the last two days. One sick kid, a little spring cleaning, and back tax paying. It's just an awesome roller coaster ride here in the Den. Oh yeah, the dietician was not available on saturday. So its onto Monday once again. Thanks for stopping by! Peace and bright blessings!



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