Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My double vision always seems to get the best of me!

Not bad for a 2-dimension image appearing 3D, huh? Its an animated form of stereo imaging. It is a method of presenting stereo images using animated .gifs to rapidly switch between left and right images. For most of us, the brain will impose a crude sense of dimensionality. Cool, huh? Though some may feel sick after viewing it for a while. But I think its pretty awesome. Oh and if you want to see some really funky stereo art, visit Grogono Stereo Art page. Just follow the directions and prepare for something ├╝ber-funky!

Today went without a hitch. Did more spring cleaning, watched a little TV, and checked on my grapevine. No buds yet. Now your probably wondering (or maybe not - but either way) "How much spring cleaning can he be doing?" Well to answer your question, there is quite a bit to do, but when you have a 20-month old it pretty much takes a lot of your time away from the cleaning up part. So I can only do it in short spans, like when he is taking a nap. It helps but boy does it ever break up the daily routine. Then I have to get the kids from school, so that also cuts into my time, as well as help the kids with their homework (they are learning the value of money now), make dinner, and finally eat, then take a break before putting everyone to bed. Ugh. Long days indeed. Gives me a lot of respect for my mother when she had to do it alone. Thanks mom! You're the greatest!

Yesterday we had religions point of view of when 'Shit Happens'. So as promised, I bring you today...

  • Independent: Shit happens
  • Democrat: Shit is a vast right-wing conspiracy
  • Republican: The rich deserve more shit
  • Moderate: We must also consider shit's right to happen
  • Liberal: Shit will happen if we don't spend enough
  • Conservative: The courts have allowed too much excrement
  • Reform: We can't get our poop in a group
  • Socialist: Support the equal distribution of shit
  • Communist: Come the revolution, shit will not happen again!
  • Libertarian: Legalize all kinds of shit
  • Green: Compost happens
Well it seems that that's pretty much it for today. I wish I had more to impart to you, but alas my life isn't too thrilling (well until drinking night kicks back into gear that is - another topic for another day). Thanks for stopping by and reading! Peace and bright blessings to one and all! Until tomorrow...



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