Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween readers! What's that? I'm back? Ahhhh, yes like living dead, I have returned. What exactly happened to cause me to drop off the face of the earth? Why life did. Well not so much that it was really that interesting to post about it. To be honest, has any of my posts been that interesting in the first place? But I digress. With spring changing to summer, and the kids off from school, my time was rather limited. I still needed time to myself and by the time I got that, I was beat. And then there was spending time with friends as well. And now that summer and made its exit, leaving autumn to make a grand entrance, I thought it would be a good time to return. And what better time than Halloween!

Even though today is officially Halloween, our fair city decided to celebrate it on Oct. 29th. To me that's not Halloween, that just another Sunday. Oh sure, it's all about the safety for the kids, which I understand completely. But to be honest, there was as much vehicular traffic on Sunday as there would of been if it were done today. It just didn't feel like Halloween. Not because it was on Oct. 29th, but the fact that no one really dresses up for Halloween anymore. I mean come on! Wearing a headband with a couple devil horns constitutes as a costume? Or better still, wearing a jacket with a piece of paper with numbers on it taped to the jacket? I'd say about 20% of the trick-or-treaters wore costumes. Everyone else were nothing more than kids walking around with bags begging for candy. Sorry that doesn't fly with me. I resorted to putting a sign on my door which simply read "No costume. No candy." And would you believe I still had kids with no costumes ringing my bell. Ummmm, can you not read? Me thinks you might need to crack open a book a little more rather than putting a disc in your PS2 or XBox.

But alas, Halloween wasn't spared the evil commercialization rod that has rotted the other well known holidays in this country of ours. Shame too. I remember the fond times as a kid trick-or-treating. Getting all dressed up and going door to door. Scaring fellow neighborhood kids as we passed in the streets, and bragging about who got the biggest haul. Hell, I remember trick-or-treating till 9pm (sometimes later), not like this 1-5pm schedule they have here. Since when was there a curfew on holiday festivities? Though my friends and I never played tricks like egging or TP'ing one's home, or soaping their car. But we did play some harmless tricks like scaring people with fleeting glimpses of us running through their yards as ghosts or making haunting sounds. What can I say, we we're kids, and we had to make do with what we could. Then in my teen years, I spent most of my time scaring kids with stories and facts about ghosts and hauntings. Then later it became taking kids on tours of said haunted places. And because of that, it got me hooked on ghost hunting.

Yep, you read correctly. I'm a ghost hunter. Okay, I'm not a 'professional' ghost hunter like you see on the Sci-fi channel program Ghost Hunters, but I do investigate hauntings. I haven't had a chance in a while seeing that I really don't have anyone else to investigate with. It's always a good idea to work with a group or another individual, mainly for the safety aspect of it all. But also to have others with you to verify what you seen or heard. It's easy to walk around and say "I saw such-n-such at such-n-such." But without a witness to back you up of said event, it's really hard to convince others. So a group outting is much better. I tried joining a group through the Meetup site, but that never panned out more than just a few postings, then the group went defunct. So that was a real short trip. And unfortunately there aren't any local ghost hunting societies near here, they are either far north in Wisconsin or in Chicago or further south. A little difficult to travel for investigations on a regular basis.

The few locations that I had investigated hadn't produced anything notable. Though the feeling of being there was rather overwhelming. Now whether or not it was due to the excitement of being there or because 'something' was present, I can't rightly say. Without proof to back it up, it's difficult to tell. I wish I had some material to present, but it has eluded me thus far. And for an investigator, it can be rather frustrating. Maybe I need better gear. But some day. Some day.

And since this is the spirit of Halloween, I suppose I can pop a few things in celebration of it. So without further ado, I bring you a little Halloween... Jack-style.

(you might want to hit play, then pause immediately to give the movie time to load)

Well that's about it for today. I could of posted more, but quite frankly, I didn't want to keep rambling on. So I'll be back tomorrow. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The computer issue that I was having, it definitely turned out to be the processor heatsink fan. Replaced it and all was well again.

Thanks for visiting. Take care and bright blessings to everyone! See ya!



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