Saturday, November 04, 2006

Three hun-dred six-ty five de-grees!

Good evening (or day - or whenever you read this). I hope posting today will be much better than it was yesterday. Even going back now, it says I'm one post short of what's actually been posted so far. So the last post Private eyes (which is officially a phantom post since its not even on my archive list but yet can be read via the link I provided) hasn't even registered on my total posts made here. Technically then the Private Eyes post doesn't exist. I don't know. I certainly hope that it stays. But I know it will disappear as soon as I re-publish my entire blog. Guess I'll just have to stay away from republishing it, lest I lose one to nethervoid of the net. Well here's to a successful post.

Today turned out to be nothing new. Did myself a little burning in the backyard of excessive flammable material. I was finally able to get rid of the piles of branches that I pruned off during the summer months, but couldn't get rid of immediately. Oh sure I could pay the city to haul it away, but then I need to pack it in a container of some sort for them to pick it up. Unfortunately the branches were of larger proportions than the standard bags you can get at your local hardware store for yard-waste could handle. Even with cutting them down to manageable size the weight alone would dictate that the yard-waste driver wouldn't pick it up. Yeah. That's what I said. Any and all yard waste containers must not exceed a certain weight otherwise they will just leave it there.

So I thought instead of driving to the hardware store, purchase the bags, head home, cut the branches into manageable sizes, stuff it in the bag, hope its not to heavy for the yard-waste driver, tape them shut, adhere the prepaid village sticker allowing me to dispose of yard waste, and put it on the street awaiting for pick-up, I'd just burn the bleedin' things in a burning receptacle that I purchased years ago. Not only that, it just made for a wonderful night sitting back there watching the flames lick the cold air all the while warming me. Gave me a chance to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy the solitude in the nights air.

I was minding my own business sitting here, typing out this days post when all of a sudden I hear a muffled cry in the distance. Thinking I might be hearing things, I stop typing to listen. It wasn't easy since the furnace is running and one of its many air intakes are near my computer. So its like trying to hear someone talk when your next to diesel engine running. Finally the furnace turns off and my instincts were correct. It was my daughter. I run upstairs to see her curled up in the fetal position sobbing. I ask her what's wrong and she replied between sobs that her head hurts really bad. I have her follow me and give her some children's Ibuprofen to help. I really dread to think she is suffering from migraines. I have them and so does my wife, as well as my mother, my grandmother on my mother's side, and my mother-in-law. So it stands to reason that she may very well have the same thing. Poor kid. She's in for some really rocky times ahead.

Once again, playing the post theme, I bring you another wonderful hit from the 80's. Enjoy!

(For better playback, push play then immediately pause to let the video load completely.)

So then that was pretty much my day. Lots of burning. All in all, it was a good day. Though the smoke gave me a headache by the time I came back inside. *shrug* Thanks again for stopping by. Peace, take care, and bright blessings!



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