Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello! Hello again!

Hello again my friends. Long time no see. Okay actually its been just a wee bit over 24 hours since my last post. How you been? Me? Well I'm doing pretty good I suppose. Though nothing really notable happened today. Well that's not entirely true. My wife's parents went and gone and purchased themselves a new couch (couch set?) and offered to give us their slightly used one that they were going to toss out. And to be honest, it couldn't have come at a better time. Funds are not at its highest at the Den, so any kind of well built furniture, new or used, is a fantastic windfall. The current couch, actually a loveseat which replaced the dying piece of fabric covered lumber predecessor, was also on its last legs. The fabric has pretty much given way to wear-n-tear, as well as the cushions. They had seen better days. I'd take a picture of the piece of garbage, but the wife doesn't want others to see what we have been seating our bottoms on. To be honest, I can't quite blame her. Though the overwhelming desire to expose our terror loveseat to the world is quite temping. I'll have to think about it before it hits the curb for the garbage man to come and drag the cushioned foul beast away. Oh the temptation. Hmmmmm... Not to difficult of a task to tempt me, huh?

Starting something or just coincidence? Turns out that after my evening fire outside yesterday it looks like the call of fire has gotten a hold of others. Today three of my neighbors set flame to their own little bonfires. The plumes of white smoke rose proudly in the air as its pungent burning wood smell permeated the air abound. Ahhh, that is what fall always smelled like to me. The burning of leaves and cords of discarded branches. I love fall. Well for that matter, there is something to love about each season. It's like when you finally get bored with a season, the next one is just around the corner for you start all over again with something new to love. Gotta love seasons and thier timings.

Once again its post title theme time. So let's take a little trip back to summer, but back to 1984. Enjoy!

(For better playback, push play then immediately pause to let the video load completely.)

Oy, well I still have some things to do before heading to bed. Thanks for stopping by and reading (and viewing). Until tomorrow's post of wonder. Peace, take care, and bright blessings to everyone!



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